Hooray, summer is here at last – and it’s time to break free! Free of roaring repo rates, free from Eskom’s escapades, murky waters and everything doom and gloom. Look  around, feast your eyes and fill your tanks with excitement … long leisure-filled days beckon! Plunge right in – boaters, outdoor lovers – this is your season!

Whether you’re limping through to year-end or racing towards rejuvenating holidays - Club Marine has your back! We’re on the lookout for products to meet your unique short-term needs – so you can relax and have fun!

Contact us for all your short-term insurance solutions!


Your business is unique, and our skilled experts will find the best solution for your needs and your pocket!

CMI has partnered with South Africa’s A-Rated Insurance companies with you in mind, each has their own niche area of products and preferential areas of cover which may suit your company's requirements.

Leave nothing to chance especially over the festive season – from buildings and fixtures to office contents, electronic equipment, business all risk and interruption, public liability, theft by employees and more.

Some of our Specialist Risks include:

  • Heavy Haulage / Fleet
  • Warehousing & Stock Throughput
  • Commercial & Marine Liabilities

  • Builders Risks, Demonstration & Sea Trials
  • Defective Workmanship
  • Cyber Risk / Funds Protect


As we go into this festive season most Insurance companies will not take on any new personal insurance (domestic cover) from December 15, 2022 – January 15, 2023, unless you have an active policy with uninterrupted insurance and a good claims history.

Insurers are strict during this period and might apply limited cover or restricted terms if you increase your risk during this time.

So hurry, now’s the time to ask for your policy, so you can check and advise your broker of new cars / electronics / jewellery etc – anything you’re planning to add ahead of the silly season.

For assistance, contact our personal lines department:  0861 819 219


At last, your dreams are coming true, and you’re headed for an exotic overseas destination – or you’re keeping it local!

Club Marine provides cover for all your holiday, camping and travel requirements.  
Our Travel Insurance is placed through TIC and Santam and is quick and easy to access.

Simply Click for an online quote

Did you know?

For authorisation of a medevac/repatriation of a patient, certain documents must be submitted. Put together a file for a family member or employer (for business travel) to keep - should the unthinkable happen while you’re overseas!

These are the required documents:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of Immunisation Certificate (Yellow Fever etc)
  • Copies of air tickets
  • Proof of payment for air tickets (leisure travellers)
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Medical Aid Details
  • Home Address and contact numbers
  • List of Chronic Medicals Conditions/Medications/Allergies
  • Dietary requirements – diabetic, vegetarian etc

Flat battery? Before you do the obvious and jump-start your new vehicle, stop and consider this! Should your electronics get blown in the process, you may also blow your motor plan/ factory warranty and you may not be able to put in an insurance claim!

Your new car service and warranty plans generally come with a preferred Roadside Assist provider from your motor dealer or the manufacturer of the vehicle.  If you get help from another source and something goes wrong, you may not be able to claim under the motor warranty.


Skiboaters - it’s that time again! Safety officers or SAMSA qualified inspectors at clubs around the country are gearing up for the annual boat inspections.

Ask your club about your inspection dates and rates. At the same time contact us for a copy of your schedule confirming your liability cover. Many Skiboat clubs require proof of 3rd party and passenger liability cover before launching.

Club Marine staff will be on hand at some of the venues - to assist with any insurance needs – from new sign-ups to updates and information. See you there!



We cover you for rain damage, flooding, hailstorms, lightning strikes and fire. Do your bit to safeguard your home, business and property in the event of:

Every year lightning kills around 2,000 people around the world – some survive but often suffer ongoing debilitating symptoms. In addition, damage to buildings, solar panels, inverters, electronics and electrical appliances is commonplace.

What can you do?

  • Install a surge protector or lightning arrester to minimize damage
  • Unplug your appliances and electronic equipment
  • Avoid bathing, showering, or washing dishes
  • Stay indoors or in your car
  • If outside - stay clear of water and never shelter under a tree
  • Crouch down as low as possible, but don't lie down on the ground. Lightning currents can move in and along the ground surface

Don’t be left floundering in mud or deep water. 

Do what you can ahead of disaster!!

  • Improve the drainage around your property – dig diversion channels away from your buildings. Check water overflow from neighbouring properties.
  • Ensure drains are always clean and in good working order.
  • Remove garden refuse and dead trees from around your property.
  • Planter walls on steep inclines – lessen soil and bank erosion.
  • Sandbags make good barriers to protect vital areas.
  • Keep all gutters clean.
  • National Emergency Response – 10111
  • Cell phone emergency – 112 (the automated response prioritises treatment options)
  • Ambulance - 10177
  • Call our professional consultants for more information!

Billfish 15000 – November 13 – 18, 2022

Hundreds of excited anglers have geared up for this popular competition this week in Sodwana Bay – all eager to catch that elusive “Big One” and some of the fabulous prizes on offer.

Club Marine will proudly sponsor in this event for the 11th year in a row, and our Johannesburg team – Erin, Lindie and Chanelle - will be there to support the anglers with last-minute cover, tips and information. They’ll also hand over lucky draw prizes and sponsored prizes which include cooler boxes, lure bags, discount vouchers and more.

Keep an eye on our social media pages for all the action and updates.

Entries are open!
This cracker of an event will be hosted by Umhlanga Skiboat Club.  No Boundaries launching at dawn  - you can fish till midday in the harbour or out at sea, for fun and fabulous prizes for the biggest fish and different species.

Don’t have a boat? There are limited spaces and skippers still available to hook you up – call club secretary Mary Kane - 082 889 6269 or email: [email protected]

Bring the whole family along to enjoy the action!


He's done it again!

Levi Shepard (7) took First Overall in the Junior A Class at the recent powerboat races held at Rynfield Dam. He won his first two heats and was second in the third, beating a field of eight youngsters aged five to 11, and he's just won again at Witbank Dam - taking first in all three heats!

Levi is a true “Chip off the Ol’ Block” – Dad Paul is a six-times SA F1 champion powerboat racer. Mom Megan (from Club Marine) keeps a watchful eye on proceedings.


Club Marine’s Lelani and Lindie recently attended the “Meet and Greet” send-off event held in honour of our South African Team who took part in the prestigious 16th Black Bass World Championship at Lake Murray, South Carolina in the USA. They gave each angler a CMI-sponsored shirt which they were proud to wear.

19 Teams took part from around the world including USA, South Africa, Italy, Serbia, Romania, Germany, Canada, Australia, Portugal, Spain, Croatia and others.

After three tough days of fishing, Team USA took gold with 45 fish with a total weight of 60,471kg - biggest fish 3,402kg. Team South Africa did us proud, by taking silver – 39 fish weighing 37,139kg - biggest fish 2,098kg! Italy came third – 35 fish (34,588kg) – biggest fish 1,786kg.


Congratulations to Pieter Blignaut for his big win and triumphing over 30 anglers at the first-ever SABAA Open Masters championships held at Albert Falls Dam.

His ten fish caught over two days weighed in at 25,325kg scoring 35,325 points. Mac McKenzie was second with 23,790kg (33,790 points) and he caught the biggest fish of 4,490 on day two. A total of 203 fish were caught and released.

The top six anglers were nominated for Protea colours - to fish against Zimbabwe next year. Congrats to Pieter Blignaut, (Mac) Fonnereau McKenzie, Eugene Potgieter, Dave Matthysen, Shane Redman and (Wessie) Jan Wessels!

Club Marine sponsored floating trophies and shirts for event – as well as shirts for Team Gauteng’s Alan Morgan and Leonard Bakkos.


Club Marine’s Erin Porter represented us at the finals of the Anglers4Anglers competition held at Arabie Dam - where she presented lucky draw prizes to winners.

Team Mias’ Dalton and Leonard Bakkes emerged victorious -  as the 2022 Anglers of the Year!



Erin’s not just good at her job – she fishes too!

After throwing out a line or two on her recent holiday in Namibia, she managed to land a Kabeljou (55cm), a Sand Shark  (65cm) and a Spotty Shark (1.5m / 27kg) among others. As you can see, it was nearly bigger than she is!

Ships have sailed with cats on board since ancient times. Their main role was to catch and kill rodents on the boat - to stop them gnawing on wood, ropes, electrical wiring, eating food stores or damaging cargo. (Rodents also carried and spread diseases, such as the Black Death).

Sailors also believed some unusual nautical superstitions about cats:

  • A ship’s cat sneezing meant that it was going to rain.
  • A frisky ship’s cat was an omen of a windy day.
  • A ship’s cat that licked its fur against the grain signalled a hailstorm was on its way.

While seemingly absurd, there is truth to some of these superstitions. Due to their sensitive inner ears, cats can detect changes in weather more acutely than other animals. They sense the low atmospheric pressure that often comes before storms at sea, and this may cause them to act restless or nervous.


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