It’s summer - everyone is out and about enjoying long hot days and loads of outdoor activity. And our borders are open at last – so we can head off to those “safe” destinations over the festive season.

As always, Club Marine’s been busy - backing our sportsmen and women, sponsoring watersport tournaments and facing the future with younger generations. And we’ll be there going forward! Whatever your pleasure…at work or at play…..we’ve got all your short-term insurance needs covered!

One lucky winner will walk away with the main prize!

  • One Year Complimentary Insurance for any Watercraft
    (Must be an SA resident).
  • Club Marine will pay the Annual premium for the Hull, Motor and Trailer.
  • Gear and equipment - for winner’s account at reduced rates.

The main prize draw will take place on Tuesday, 19th January 2021.
Winner to be announced on the Go Fish Show - Thursday, 21st January 2021.

Exciting weekly wrap prizes:

  • CMI Packs (Tee, Neck Band, Cap or Peak).
  • Go Fish Apparel Packs (All weather Fishing Top, Cap & Tee).

Winners will be announced on Go Fish wrap shows over the preceding weeks.

How to enter:

Terms & Conditions Apply.

Some reminders to consider while you check your policy before you go on holiday.


  • Insurance companies close off earlier in December, so contact your broker to update your policies before the 12th of December.
  • Buildings and car alarms can be tested and checked with security companies
    before going away.
  • New and updated digital equipment, expensive toys and new vehicles should be added to your policy.

Car Owners - Tracking Scam Alert!

The latest Modus Operandi by scammers...

How the scammers operate:

  • Motorists are receiving calls from people posing as employees of tracking companies.
  • They’ll claim your tracking device is no longer working properly.
  • They offer to book a service for you and have your vehicle collected for repairs and then they try and steal the vehicle.


  • They’ll advise you that something is wrong with your tracking device and they need to come out to repair or replace the device.
  • Once on site they claim they need to test the device by taking the car for a test drive or say they can’t finalise the repairs on site and need to take the vehicle back to the fitment centre.

How you should respond:

  • If you receive one of these calls do not accept this offer and ignore the call. Please contact your tracking company directly to test your tracking unit.
  • A Tracker technician will never need to, nor should they ask to test drive your vehicle.
  • Always check the email address the request is sent from – this is often an
    immediate give away.
  • You can always confirm the validity of an appointment by contacting your
    tracking company.


A few points to remember:

  • Safety gear, electronics and other sporting items need to be specified and itemised with retail values.
  • Cross Border trips – a border letter is required for both vehicles and boats.
  • Covid-19 restrictions - vary in each country, confirm where 72-hour tests can be taken both sides of the border.
  • Wheel bearings need to be serviced and checked regularly. They are moving working parts integral to the trailers mobility and they can fail without warning or explanation.
  • Check your spare wheel and tyre changing kit.
  • Never leave your boat unattended at petrol stations, Malls, food outlets etc. Opportunists have been known to steal goods packed in boats and travel trailers.
  • Lock away electronics & valuables out of sight, behind locked gates or in the
    boot of a car.

Transporters & Trucking

Hi-jacking and theft risk is known to increase during the Festive season.

The biggest target being transporters especially container transporters followed by companies dealing with Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Electronics.

“Our claims data shows that hijackings have increased by 20% from 2019 to 2020.”

Suspicious trends to look out for:

  • Covering or tampering with cameras fitted to the vehicle.
  • Drivers taking longer than normal to complete regular trips due to unscheduled stops.
  • Picking up passengers.
  • Going off the planned route and stopping in unsafe areas.
  • Drivers are being approached by syndicates to deliver loads to other points and receiving cash for it.
  • Foreign drivers are more commonly targeted by syndicates.

Transporters need to do proper background checks when employing drivers: Criminal checks / call previous employers.

Foreign drivers defensive driving document and licence (PDP) needs to be validated.


In the unfortunate event of an incident!

  • Do what you can to minimise the damage.
  • Take photographs and notes to send us - of any damage or material evidence.
  • Notify us your broker - with your contact numbers and email address.
  • Notify the Police and get a case number - for theft, vandalism, explosion or fire.
  • Don’t accept liability for damages. This is for you and your insurers legal protection.
  • Don’t agree on any fixed costs for salvage.
  • In case of collision, provide us with the name and contact details of the other party and their insurers.
  • Contact your insurer to arrange towing assistance. Do not let anyone tow your vehicle who has not been authorized by the insurer.
  • Wait for insurers authorisation before starting repairs, with exception of any measures necessary to avoid the aggravation of further damages.

What do boaters do when the weather is bad? They go cycling, running or….they hit the mountains…for the 2020 Mountain Madalas Enduro Motorbike Ride in Clarens!

“Madalas” is Zulu for “old man” and there were plenty of those in action this year. Many youngsters also enjoyed riding the route (in 35km laps) between Clarens, Drakensburg, Four Rivers Berg and Van Reenen’s Pass.

Club Marine’s sponsored anglers, clients and family took part and loved every minute.

While enduro riding is tough on bodies and bikes – it’s not too tough for Club Marine. Enduro bikes are covered under our Domestic household policies – call our offices for a quote today!

2020 Billfish 15000

Sodwana Bay 13th – 18th November 2020

Congratulations to Team Pulsator on being crowned “Winners” - of this popular five-day competition with 1123 points. Of the overall 28 billfish caught and released over three fishable days, they caught four - a Blue and a Striped Marlin on Day 1 and a Black and a Blue on Day 2.

Ryan Williamson, Gary Prentis (skipper), Eric Prentis, Danny Schoeman and Peter Harvey were thrilled with their victory and the big prize from Lowrance SA - electronics worth R150 000.

Team Club Marine’s Lelani, Erin and San-Michelle handed over One Year Complimentary Insurance to Team Aphrodite and five other lucky draw winners received Club Marine Lure bags with Pulsator Lures.

Organisers Willie Pretorius and his team from Dorado Skiboat Club pulled out all the stops to make the tournament happen this year and they are to be congratulated for another very successful event.


Team CMI Hits Sodwana

While Club Marine has sponsored the Billfish 15000 for many years, it was a first for our Johannesburg head office team. Lelani, Erin and San-Michelle enjoyed their long weekend at Sodwana, attending the tournament briefing and launch on day 1, meeting other sponsors, dealers and many old and new friends of CMI.

They also went out to sea, experiencing an exciting surf launch, taking turns in driving/skippering the boat and catching fish.

Junior Fishing Day

Umhlanga Skiboat Club

Club Marine joined Umhlanga Skiboat Club’s investment in the future! We were co-sponsors of the 2020 Junior Day which saw families spending invaluable time together.

They may have started bleary-eyed (being up before dawn) but it was not long before 80 highly charged youngsters, filled with anticipation, were rearing to catch both fish and prizes in this popular annual event.

29 Volunteer skippers (mostly dads) had their hands full and their ears assailed - while fitting life jackets, feeding and watering their young charges and teaching them how to bait up. While some stayed in the safety of the Bay, others went out to sea – only to return when seasickness was no longer fun. Shrieks of delight from all the boats meant game on as the fish came in fast and furious.

Joy came in all shapes and sizes and soon the young anglers started showing off their catches – Tuna, Grunter, Shad, Puffer Fish, Sand Soldiers, Perch, and others.

Winners included:

Girls Under 10
Rylee Burnard – 700mm Bonny

Girls Over 10
Rhori Kane – 800mm Bonny

Boys Under 10
Jaco vd Westhuizen – 700mm Grunter

Boys Over 10
Christian - 780mm Bonny


SA Emergencies - Dial 112

Do you know who to contact in an emergency situation?

If you call 112 from any cell phone in South Africa - you will reach an automated menu which directs you as follows:

1. Police 2. Ambulance 3. Fire 4. NSRI

Emergency calls are free and can be made even if you don’t have airtime.

You can also dial the NSRI direct on 087 094 9774 (24hours) or for added safety and emergency assistance, download the SafeTRX App for NSRI and Maritime rescue (24hours).

At the push of a button on your cellphone and they get a “ping” which gives them this info…and more:

  • Where you are on the water
  • Your contact number (and an alternate contact number)
  • Who the vessel is registered to
  • Next of kin

Remember to notify someone on land before you go on the water – especially offshore and don’t drink – particularly if you’re in control of a vessel.


Join in the fun, enter and take part or just come and say hi to Team Club Marine if you see us there – we’d love to catch up!

SJS Fishing Competition 28th – 29th November 2020
Umhlanga Summer Festival 5th – 6th December 2020
Ballito King of Salmon Competition 17th – 20th December 2020
Plett Skiboat Competition 19th December 2020
Dorado Competition - Durban Ski Boat Club 20th December 2020

Basil Harrison, Secretary of Tongaat Skiboat Club, proudly shows off their new VHF radio - sponsored by Club Marine.

"Thank You kindly for your GREAT SERVICE - as ALWAYS!! All is sorted and 100%."

- Bill Britz

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