Summer’s in full swing and outdoor lovers countrywide are making the most of the long days and warmer weather.

CMI keeps cover… while you head off to your favourite leisure spots - on/off road and on the water, your homes, businesses, travel, even your Cyber Space and more!

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Following the recent Carte Blanche episode on the increase in Cybercrime in South Africa, you may want to take a closer look at our Cyber Insurance cover.

As Cyber criminals get more sophisticated, targeting companies for their data and systems, and the online financial transactions of both individuals and businesses – the need to protect these assets is becoming vital.

CMI’s Cyber policy includes costs and damages from a privacy or network security breach and comprehensive first and third-party coverages. We offer expert knowledge and the necessary resources to effectively manage and recover from a cyber incident.

Incidents that are covered include:

  • Cyber extortion and malware (viruses, ransomware, or publishing of stolen data).
  • Denial of service (disruption to operations).
  • Downstream attack (a compromise of your environment resulting in damages to others).
  • Hacking.
  • Insider & privilege misuse (unauthorised access, use of systems, data by employees
    and service providers).
  • Physical theft and loss (both devices and physical hard copy data).
  • Threats posed by third party access into a client environment.

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First payouts due February 2020

CMI launched the SIS Secure Bonus product in February 2017 and we are excited that our first cash bonus pay-outs (for no claims) will be processed this month.

If you’re not one of the lucky recipients – this is how it works:

There are Two main features.

  1. Agreed Value (Vehicles):Your vehicle value will be fixed at retail for five years - so should a total loss claim be submitted in year four, settlement would be at the starting retail value and not the depreciated value (like most policies).
  2. Premium Payback (Domestic cover): If you are claim-free for three years, you get up to 10% of your premiums paid back. Stay claim-free for another two years and you get another pay-out. If there are no more claims from this point – pay-outs are yearly.

Don’t miss out on your CASH pay-out, contact us today for a quote.

Have you remembered to add your Christmas gifts
onto your policy?

Electronic gadgets, boats, cars and accompanying sporting accessories should be itemised and insured as soon as they are unwrapped.

Please review the All-Risks section of your insurance policy to ensure that all your possessions are properly covered – considering, for example, increasing replacement values to current.

It’s not too late – request a copy of your schedule to update

Ballito Deepsea Competition

Club Marine once again sponsored prizes in Ballito’s popular King of Salmon and Seaman's Challenge over the Festive Season and our team was there to help with registration.

Kayak, Jetski and Ski-boat anglers enjoyed three days of good fishing (out of five) and some excellent catches were recorded. Supportive families and friends enjoyed the festive vibe and winning loads of Lucky Draw prizes. CMI’s Megan and Janine attended the prize giving and handed several CMI prizes.

Overall Winner 2019 King of Salmon
Jason Christie (Yellowfin Tuna 30.44kg)

Ladies Winner
Freda Nel

Species Winner
Allister Franz

Outstanding Catch & Junior Winner
Cameron Jacobs
(Won a CMI Romer Cooler & other prizes)

Leandri Language
(Bass Fishing) / Woman in Fishing

All eyes on up-and-coming young Bass angler Leandri Language (24), who’s making waves in competitions around the country. Club Marine is keeping her new Crackleback 500 Bass Boat covered as she rapidly rises through the ranks – and we continue in our support of ’Women in Angling’.

Watch this exciting talent in action, on Facebook, as Leandri takes part in 2020 EBASS and FLW events starting this month.

We have some exciting fishing competitions coming up where we will be sponsoring prizes

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