While outdoor enthusiasts, watersport lovers and anglers played hard this summer, Team Club Marine was right there cheering them on. Fund raisers, award ceremonies, fishing competitions, golf days…you name it, we did it and loved it.

As the days get shorter and cooler, CMI will be warming up to all the action yet to come. You’ll find us everywhere – participating, sponsoring, giving support and most importantly, keeping you covered.

We also confront the challenges we face as South Africans and how they may affect your insurance – to keep you ahead of potential issues, with tips on how to avoid them.

So, make the most of your leisure time with confidence, knowing Club Marine always has your back, wherever and whenever – with comprehensive, tailor-made covers for every situation!

Call our knowledgeable and enthusiastic team of underwriters, to see which one fits you best!


Over the last few months, consistently high levels of load shedding have seriously impacted our daily lives and we take a look at what this means for you - from an insurance point of view.

Is not explicitly covered by insurance policies.  This occurs in phases and does not affect a municipality, province, or country at the same time. However, the frequent switching off and on of the power supply to your premises could cause power surges which damage your electronic items.

Is an unexpected, temporary increase in the current or voltage of an electrical circuit. Some insurers still provide cover for this damage - this may be subject to electricity grid failure or interruption exclusions - so check for updates on your policy.

To mitigate the power surge risk please ensure you have a surge protection device installed on your distribution board and high-value electronics or machinery. Refer to SANS 10142 specifications.

ELECTRICITY GRID FAILURE – New Exclusion to Domestic and Commercial Policies 
Means a national (including regional, municipal, local and/or private) interruption, interference, blackout, failure or suspension of the electricity grid of South Africa for whatsoever reason, whether due to damage, an inability and/or failure, whether partial or total, of the utility supplier to generate, transmit or distribute electricity, or otherwise.

Power surge and consequential damages following electricity grid failure are excluded – the cause is grid failure and grid failure is excluded.


We don’t always think about those hidden, big-ticket items silently working behind the scenes, at home or the office. Did you know, your generator and/or inverter is covered in the event of lightning strikes, rainstorm or accidental damage and more? However, you need to ensure you’re compliant before claiming.

Here's some helpful guidelines to follow:


  • Are usually insured under the Fire or Portable possessions section
  • Must be installed by an accredited, compliant service provider (such as a Red Seal electrician). Keep your certificate of compliance as confirmation
  • Should be stored in a well-ventilated, weather-protected area at least five (5) meters away from the office building
  • Comply with the legal limit for the storage of petrol or diesel based on your generator size. Excess fuel must be stored in a totally separate area
  • Employees must be trained on how to use the generator
  • The generator must not be run for longer than its capacity can handle
  • Consequential loss is excluded if the above is not adhered to


Your building sum insured must be adequate if the inverter is a permanent fixture to the building.

  • Must comply with SAN-approved lightening and power-surge requirements.
  • Must be installed by a professional accredited installer (such as a Red Seal electrician) and maintained in line with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Power surge units must be installed in the distribution board
  • Lightning arrestors can be installed to mitigate lightning risk
  • Keep a copy of your installation certificate
  • A copy of the COC is required

      Should an unforeseen incident occur – you can  avoid delays and disappointment at claim stage, if you pay attention to the following:


      • Autumn/Winter season is a good time to clean your gutters and maintain your roof, before the rainy season - as water damage to buildings is excluded due to lack of maintenance

      • When going away ensure you have enough backup power for your alarm system – especially for load shedding

      • Notify that trusted ‘someone’ and your Alarm Company to keep a look out in your absence

      • Lock away anything which could be used as a tool to gain entry into your residence (i.e. ladders, shovels etc)  

      • Claims need to be reported within 30 days of the incident occurring – the claim documents may then follow thereafter as soon as reasonably possible

      Remember: Insurers do not shy away from claims when due diligence has been taken by the client to safeguard their possessions!

      Did you know, South Africa is one of the highest-targeted countries for cyber-related crimes? We're ranked sixth in the world!

      Protect your business against the ever-growing threat of cybercrime with our Cyber Protect cover.

      Want to know if your data has been breached? Visit this website to check: www.haveibeenpwned.com

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      Introducing DARRYL QUINTON, our new Club Marine Brand Ambassador, who is a familiar face in the industry and bassing circles.

      From successfully competing at Provincial level in Artlure competitions from a very young age, Darryl moved across to the Bass scene in the late 90’s. After just a few short years, he received his first Protea Cap in 1999. He went on to represent South Africa at the Federation Nation National Championships in 2003.

      Since then, Darryl has received a total of 20 Protea Caps and represented South Africa at no less than six World Black Bass Championships. Darryl’s had multiple local Tournament wins and Angler of the Year titles. Highlights include - 2003 Wrangler Angler - he fished at Lake Tuscaloosa, Alabama USA and in the 2005 Southern Divisional Championships at Lake Hickory, Tennessee USA.

      Darryl’s motto in life is: “No matter how tough things get on the water, keep your head high and enjoy yourself, whatever the outcome.”

      We're so proud of our Club Marine-sponsored deep-sea angler, Justin Paynter, who received his first Protea cap at a capping ceremony at Durban Skiboat Club!!

      He and the SA team fished in the Orascom Development International Gamefish Tournament held at El Gouna in Egypt – where they took third place! Congrats to all!!

      The SADSAA All Stars fishing competition recently took place at Durban Skiboat Club! Club Marine's Rachel Ledsham and Ethan Hattingh were there to cheer on the special needs anglers.

      Organisers, sponsors, skippers, gillies and other helpers ensured this was a great weekend of fun, learning, celebration and  fishing …of course!  All catches were weighed (most of which were Couta), including Bonnies, Dorries, a Pick-handle Barracuda and others.

      Here are some of the big catches:

      • Day 1: Cameron Meyer (15) - 13.36kg, Cara Rood (17) –13.10kg and Thomas Skolich (11) -11.38kg.
      • Day 2:  Zaiden Howie - 17.35kg Couta and two beauties both caught by Jarryd Smith, of 16.40kg and 16.15kg respectively!

      Congratulations to Linden Naidoo, winner of this year’s Durban Skiboat Festival. His 26.08kg Couta was caught off Umdloti, at 10am on Day 1 - using a dead Mackerel! He had an anxious overnight wait until cut-off the next day, when the next biggest fish was revealed - Russell Carsten’s 23.14kg Couta.

      Linden won a Yamaha-powered Seacat with One Year Complimentary insurance from Club Marine and other fabulous prizes totalling R750 000! This included R10 000 cash for backing his boat!

      620 anglers (in 216 boats) took part, on the hunt for the biggest gamefish and a share in the fabulous prizes’ worth over R1.3million!

      Over 90 fish were caught in total over the two days. CMI'S Megan, Cathi, Rachel and Ethan ran a lucky draw which was won by Greg Nicholson.

      Great excitement and congratulations to 15-year-old Matthew Shepard, who cleaned up the field of over 200 anglers at the 2023 Umhlanga Fishing Festival. He took the Overall Winner title and well-deserved accolades – for his big catch, a Couta of 24.92kg! (To determine the winner, points are allocated per kg, per species).  

      Matthew caught the fish off Umdloti on Day 1, and he held his breath while anxiously watching the scales until cut-off the next afternoon.  He won a Suzuki motor from Natal Powerboats worth R151000 and other prizes!

      Brayden Kane (14) took second place overall with his Tuna of 22.64kg! His sister Rhori Kane was the Top Junior with her Tuna of 16.33kg! In third place, overall, was Mohammed Ameen with a 9.9kg Prodigal Son.

      Top Lady was paddleski angler Janine Morrison, with a 20.88kg Couta. Justin Brockwell was delighted to win R15000 cash in the lucky Festival draw!

      CMI’s Rachel Ledsham was on the winning boat, and she caught a Couta of 13.8kg.


      Team Club Marine recently attended the festive two-day Boat Show held at Boating International in Edenvale.  Boaters and outdoor enthusiasts browsed through rows of boats, jetskis, watertoys, marine accessories and electronics on display – taking advantage of some fabulous specials!


      CMI staff recently enjoyed a fabulous day at the Benoni Country Club golf course, as sponsors of the fundraising 2023 SA Jagters Impala Golf Day (for the second consecutive year)

      Lelani, Annelie and Lise enjoyed meeting competitors and introducing them to the many insurance products available from CMI.

      They also ran a “Guess-the-item” competition and Tewie Pretorius (R) won the 15-litre cooler box. He is pictured with Lelani and MC for the evening, “vinnige Fanie” - Fanie de Villiers (well-known former SA cricketer).


      Congratulations to brothers Christiaan (11) and Wian (8) Visagie who fished up a storm at the 44th SA Artlure Angling championships, recently held at Witbank dam. The pair outfished the junior field by a big margin – ending with 162,66 points (second place juniors - 103,80 points) and winning a cooler box from Club Marine. Skipped by dad Cliff, they caught eight fish every day including Vlei Kurper, Largemouth Bass, Dwarf Kurper, and Mosquito fish.


      Theuns gave Erin some interesting pointers about  Artlure Fishing.

      • Artlure is used to target a variety of freshwater fish species which differs from bass and trout fishing. Anglers rig up prior to leaving the banks with up to 10 different rods to target specific species.
      • Some rods are rigged for the tiniest of kurper and the hooks are very small. The angler will tap the top of the water waiting for the fish to take the bait  - it can take more than two hours to get the fish to hook on and due to their tiny size they can easily let go
      • Lures measure between 1cm and 5cm in length, the bigger lure you throw into a dam or river the less species you can target.

      In days gone by, whistling, singing and clapping were not allowed onboard a boat  – as they supposedly affected the weather!

      Ever heard the expression “whistling up a storm”? Sailors believed whistling aboard a boat would bring bad weather. It was said to cause the wind to increase, which could bring on a storm. Singing on a boat may also have been forbidden for the same reason.

      Bizarrely, whistling was allowed if sailors were stuck on windless waters, in the hope of coaxing a breeze to blow them onward. Some seafarers also believed that clapping on board would bring thunder and throwing stones into the ocean would cause storms with large ocean swells!


      "Just want to say thanks for your help through this process! You are super-efficient and very helpful. Certainly helps with a painful process!”

      - Vaughan Alexander  

      “Thank you very much. I appreciate the help. Thank you for your quick response - will definitely advise anyone to go to Club Marine. Was a pleasure working with you.”

      - Wiehahn le Roux

      "Thank you very much for your swift response. I’ll definitely recommend you to others."

      - Marnus 

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