Cover offered for buildings, household contents, general valuables and motor vehicles to suit individual lifestyles.

Homeowners insurance, also known as building insurance, is designed to protect you financially against accidental loss or damage to the physical structure of your property. Examples include burst geysers flooding your home, or a tree damaging your roof in a storm. The Homeowners' insurance we offer will cover the cost of repairing the damage.

Household contents insurance is absolutely vital, when you think of all the valuable and sentimental items you have in your home, such as furniture,appliances and artwork. The cost to replace all of these items can be a very scary thought. We ensure that your household contents are covered for incidents including theft and damage caused by lightning, storms and floods. We also cover you for damage caused by fire and power surges.

The policy also covers your general valuables such as those things you usually wear or carry while away from home, for example your clothing, briefcase or handbag. You can also specify individual items like cell phones, laptops, spectacles, bicycles, and jewellery etc. Remember that it is often the smallest things that are the most valuable.

Car insurance for your everyday vehicle is essential. With so many cars on our roads, the chances of being involved in an accident are higher than they have ever been. We are also unfortunately more at risk of becoming victims of car thieves and hijackers in South Africa.



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