Get Cash Back with our new “Secure Bonus” cover!

Secure-BonusThis exciting product has been added to all our new and renewing domestic policies and has two main features.

It works like this:

  1. The value of your vehicle is fixed at retail price for five years, and should there be a claim at any time within this period – settlement would be calculated at that fixed value and not on a depreciating scale.
    No claims on any section of your domestic policy = bonus time!!
    If you don’t claim for three years you’ll get – a portion of your premiums paid back.
    After another two claim-free years, you’ll get more cash back and again if you’re claim-free for another year.
    After this… if there are still no claims – you’ll get yearly pay-outs!

You too, can look forward to Cash Back rewards
– ask about our Secure Bonus cover!

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